Call ahead to set up an appointment for any trimming.  Water
testing only takes a couple of minutes and can be done at any

We also provide the following services for a small fee:
Services We Provide
Have your birds wings and
nails trimmed for FREE!
We offer FREE Aquarium
water testing!
Pet Pals offers many services exclusively for our customers.  
You may not have bought your pet from us, but because you
buy all your supplies from us, we will gladly:
Trim your birds wings and nails for FREE
Trim your small animal or reptiles nails for FREE
Test your aquarium water quality for FREE
Board your reptile, bird, or small animal for $3.00/day.
Have your snake probed for only $5.00
Call ahead to set up an appointment for any of these services.

Special pricing requires Pet Pals Membership.
We apologize, but we do not have the facilities to board, trim,
or bathe cats or dogs.   Please contact your local vet or
local vet for these and other services.